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About BearStreet

BEARSTREET RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS PRIVATE LIMITED is a gateway to the international stock markets. As we know, US stock market (NYSE, NSDAQ, ARCA, BATS, BOSX, Etc.) is the biggest stock market, both by listings & volumes. It is not just biggest; it’s also the most diversified market. The largest and most innovative companies are listed at US exchanges..

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Career as Professional Trader for World Stock market and Opportunity

Advancement in technology has erased international boundaries. Now the whole world behaves like a single market. Distance has lost its meaning due to globalization. Today, opportunities are not bound by geographies. Trading in foreign stocks market or international companies shares trading are a good opportunity for skilled peoples because several international fund houses or trading floor companies are facilitating with trading technology and buying power to skilled peoples or traders.

However, the best traders are think outside of the box when searching for ways to deploy their capital. They adapt their portfolios to capture opportunities in the market, wherever they might arise on daily basis or minute or minute’s basis or second and micro second basis.

The professional trading software’s are support to traders for grab the market opportunity.  

There are plenty of day traders and swing traders engaging in the stock market at different levels. Some people utilize day trading for a living, while others just trade for a few hours a day to bring in some extra income. One of the questions I get asked a lot is, “when is the right time to make the leap to full-time day trading?

Of course, there is no universal answer to this question; however there are a few considerations that come into play. It should be noted that day trading is looking so glamorous as it is often portrayed to be but it’s not so easy.  Trading stocks is not about “making bank” or living an exotic lifestyle. For full-time day-traders, trading stocks is a career. This means it requires work – work that entails sitting by the computer for hours a day staring at screens.

In general when we are talk about stock market then parallel thinking about millions of dollar in small timeframe or gamboling but it’s not truth. Day trading is one of the few career choices where, if a candidate interested and passionate about stock market as career and if he will go through proper education and practice atmosphere, after investing ample of time, he definitely get a career path as professional trader.  

Changes in technology and increasing volumes on the exchanges have brought about a number of very low barriers-to-entry trading careers. In some cases no personal capital is required, and in other cases a small amount of capital will be required to get you started, in order to verify your commitment to trading. With markets so interlinked, it's always open trading time somewhere on the globe, and many of those markets can be accessed with relative ease. This means that even people who have full-time jobs or children at home can trade – it is just a matter of finding the right market and opportunity.
But always keep in mind, 
Wright mentor and practice must be required for start and achieve success.

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