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About BearStreet

BEARSTREET RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS PRIVATE LIMITED is a gateway to the international stock markets. As we know, US stock market (NYSE, NSDAQ, ARCA, BATS, BOSX, Etc.) is the biggest stock market, both by listings & volumes. It is not just biggest; it’s also the most diversified market. The largest and most innovative companies are listed at US exchanges..

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How BearStreet Can Make Rich

Becoming a prop trader, day trading signals, list of prop trading firms, top algorithmic trading firms, day trading program, prop trading group, remote day trader, currency trading firms, prop trading firms ranking, online trading education, proprietary trading jobs, proprietary trading firms europe, day trading definition, day trading blog, day trading account Bearstreet is a trading floor for not only US (NYSE, NASDAQ, ARCA, Etc.) equity market but also world equity market like- LSE, XETRA, SEHK, TSE, CSE, Etc. At BearStreet trading floor a trader can trade in US stock, London stocks, Germany stocks, Hong Kong stocks, Canada Stocks and many others through single trading account. The candidates who passionate for trading and want to make career as professional trader, it’s a great opportunity with BearStreet.


Before start needs to clear, career as professional trader is hard journey. If anybody understand, he not able to go on any hard journey please do not read this article more. Profession as professional trader is a good career option. In our country people are not very much aware about professional trader career but near future this career is come to floor as good career option. No doubt, its heard journey but if you talked to college graduates who have faced medical, engineering, CA, CS, civil services exam or planned for such career, it’s also very much hard. So it’s not the matter of discussion what is hard and what is easy.

Training to a Trader:-

BearStreet provide free training for the desirable candidates. The candidate passionate for trading and he have specific skill & strength, BearStreet work jointly with the candidates and sharp their ability to make then a professional trader. For trading at BearStreet trading floor, use professional trading software and it’s per month cost approx. US$100-$150 or more. In initial stage the traders learn the trading and apply their strategy on simulation account. But it’s also cost effective because in simulation account we provide live data feeds. Here want to confirm, BearStreet doing a huge expenses in their training to trained traders. This all efforts of training is free. BearStreet not charge single rupees to candidates. It’s a great opportunity because if a candidate passionate and he have specific skill & strength and if he get right informant for guidance and practice, we may hope, the candidates will get success.

I will try to explain my words with below example:- If a student passionate for cricket or others game, his parents facilitate him with all tools and amenities, they may hope, there child can make career in the game.
Here BearStreet facilitate a world class trading infrastructure with required tools and amenities which required for a trader to make profit from trading. The main thing is, it’s all free, free & free.

Interact with Successful Professional Traders:-

Basically this type of business model or career option is not in fashion in our country. Therefore the trust factor must be required to develop in our country peoples. These days lack of professional traders for US equity market but few are with BearStreet. The professional traders come to floor on time to time and interact with trainee and guide & motivate them. BearStreet always provide facility to their traders and trainee to interact online with international professional traders through Skype.

How to be Rich:-

As a Professional Trader Career:-

If a candidate passionate and he have specific skill & strength and if he get suitable environment, required tools & amenities then what is the another issue which interrupt for get him succeed?

According to me, no issue which interrupt in the success of the candidate as professional trader career. But here want to confirm the success ratio is less than 4-5% It’s because during training the candidates loss there confidence & motivation. Trap in frustration of trading. But again who will able to get motivate him and don’t allow frustration to near him, its sure he will achieve the career as professional trader.

If he got success then compare with his others friends who have same academic and professional qualification. It’s very sure there will a huge spread in both. In-general a normal trader make profit of US$ 1-1.5K within 2 years after start as trainee. We know very well, practice make perfect and after 4-5 years normally traders able to make profit of US$4-5K per months.

Now you calculate yourself, is this way of rich or not?

As a Trading Floor Owner:-

Who able to understand the process of making profitable and professional trader, they have also understand about the scope of this business model. Unemployment is the biggest issue in our country and which company will come with the solution of employment. Then what is the issue which interrupt for get him rich? It’s prime time to enter in this business because huge scope in this business. Have to trust on Indian talent and create awareness and give the Indian youth to grab such career opportunity at their State or City.

Today, BearStreet has made it possible for anyone to get involved in this business. It has made possible for anyone to create his own floor and part of BearStreet.

Remember that trading is a interesting field. Most people who go to alone never make it profitable. Being a part of BearStreet you will be in a good company as trader or as floor owner.

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