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About BearStreet

BEARSTREET RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS PRIVATE LIMITED is a gateway to the international stock markets. As we know, US stock market (NYSE, NSDAQ, ARCA, BATS, BOSX, Etc.) is the biggest stock market, both by listings & volumes. It is not just biggest; it’s also the most diversified market. The largest and most innovative companies are listed at US exchanges..

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Top Proprietary trading firms in india - Proprietary trading firms, jobs, Salary nyc - Best proprietary trading firms 2017-2018

Top Proprietary trading firms  in india - Proprietary trading firms, jobs, Salary nyc - Best proprietary trading firms 2017-2018

Trading is one of the fundamental sectors of the monetary market.Buying and selling happens in shares, Bonds, Currencies, Commodities, Derivatives – all of those recounted items and different economic devices.

The target of trading being buying at a lower expense and selling at better to earn a revenue. In many instances trading can be accomplished to hedge against any future loss when there's involvement of overseas currency.

In this article, we can be masking about making a profession in Proprietary trading and check out to offer an insight into all concerns of the discipline.

Let us first be aware of what is Proprietary trading!

The phrase proprietor way being the proprietor of anything. Thus, when buying and selling in monetary instruments like stocks, bonds, etc. Are completed out of own cash and for oneself, it's often called Proprietary trading.

On this kind of buying and selling, the merchants earn or lose on exchange values and do not work on commission basis. The whole exchange is done in firms own identify which means there may be more publicity to risk and for this reason, extra danger brings along more profit/loss.

Best Proprietary Trading Firms in India and the US

  1. Bear Street Research And Analysis Pvt. Ltd
  2. Futures First Info Services Pvt. Ltd.
  3. TransMarket Group L.L.C
  4. Jaypee Capital Services Ltd.
  5. Edelweiss Capital
  6. Kredent Trading
  7. SMC Global
  8. IDBI Capital Market Services Ltd
  9. Mansukh Securities & Finance Ltd
  10. Kumar Share Brokers Limited


Proprietary trader salary (US and India)

A proprietary dealer cash is really excessive, however additionally it is linked with the revenue margin.

Ordinarily in the us the proprietary trader offers a cash of around $228,000 p.A. Plus the goal revenue margin that may variety from 20% to 50%.

In some cases, the annual salary package deal well surpasses the profit margin. As such if your expertise, analytical talent and study in the marketplace are excellent that you could earn hefty profits from this enterprise.

In comparison to the U.S., there may be now not a lot for a proprietary individual’s job in India.

Lots of the times, the cash is linked with profit percent. In case of no revenue, you get nothing.

And the fundamental thing is you don’t get earnings every month. For the reason that it is linked with gains, it takes a while for the fee being made to you.



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