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Congratulations!! You can become Bearstreet trader. For clear understanding about opportunities and Terms & Conditions with BearStreet, please read the followings FAQs. To join BearStreet trading floor you can apply through the Check Eligibility Form.

What is proprietary trading?

The proprietary trading or "prop trading" is when a firm uses its own capital to trade the markets and attempts to extract profits. The way of working of prop trading firm is, hire proprietary traders or professional traders and allocate fund to trade. The prop trading firm/desk mostly hires traders with their track record of their past trading performance. Few trading desks hire freshers and provide them training and after a successful long practice on simulation, give them live funds to trade.

Who is proprietary/professional day trader.

A proprietary day trader trades stocks, futures, options, currencies, etc. on major global exchanges, with the sole purpose of producing a profit. Proprietary day trader works on the firm's capital. He or she never engages for any other business development or client relationship for the firm--so there is no talking on the phone, sales or cold calls.
A day trader doesn't care where a stock will be next year, the next month or even the next week. The trader's target is to make money by following his Trading Plan and the company/firm shares its profits with their trader. The ratio of sharing is not fixed, but mostly the major part of the profit will be goes to trader part.
The types of proprietary day traders vary. Some only trade few times a day for bigger gains. Other proprietary day traders will make hundreds of small trades a day. Some will trade the whole day, while others only trade certain hours of the day. Some traders trade only earnings and some trader’s trade gap-up or gap-down etc.

What BearStreet provides as proprietary trading desk.

BearStreet is a team of experienced professionals who provide all the tools required to trade in not only Indian Markets but also US Markets, European (LSE, XETRA, EURON, Etc.) & Asian (HKSE, SGX, TSE Etc.) markets. With the expertise of BearStreet, Indian Traders are in position to capitalize the opportunities from trading in US & European Markets.
BearStreet acts a facilitator to provide support to traders with not only training and trading tools but also Buying Power to the traders for trading. Also BearStreet is working with international proprietary trading firms to introduce professional traders for their trading firms on their own terms and conditions and market.

What is the remuneration of a proprietary trader.

Proprietary/professional day traders trade on company capital so there is no capital risk with the trader. The firm bears all the risk. So the company does not offer any FIX SALARY for the trader. The company checks the trader's skill through their past trading record and trading performance and trading strategy on simulator. The company offers major part of the profit (up to 70% of the profit) with traders. It all depends on the company and traders terms and conditions, market trade by the trader, experience of the trader, consistency of the profit making by the trader, size of making profit by the trader etc. Basically in trading there is no limit to earning but it is only possible through learning and practice.

Career as professional day trader is it tough or easy?

Making career as professional day trader is tough but not impossible. The candidate who is passionate for trading, good in mathematics, calculations, problem solving skills, work under pressure skills, stay motivated and focused etc. can be a professional trader. Before one starts to think and pursue professional trading career, keep in mind if you are successful you will achieve financial freedom.

Compare facilities on Remote Trading & Trading at Floor

Remote Trading Trading at Floor
Selection Process:-
Face to face interview or Skype interview
Selection Process:-
Face to face interview or Skype interview
Base of Selection:-
Knowledge, experience & passion
Base of Selection:-
Knowledge & passion for stock market professional trader career
Fresher can Apply or not :-
Fresher can Apply or not :-
Fresher also can start with BearStreet
Simulator For Practice & Trading:-
Share their trading plan and have to pay USD 70.00 per month
Simulator For Practice & Trading:-
No cost
Software cost for Live Trading:-
Form very first month have to Pay minimum USD 120.00 (NYSE & NASDAQ or FX or Italy, Switzerland & Germany)
Software cost for Live Trading:-
First Three month no any software cost after three month same as remote
USD 6 per Ticket (Per 1000 shares buy/sell or 500 buy & 500 sell / For FX- USD 2 per 100K size)
First three month No commission after three month same as remote
Security Deposit for Trading:-
Minimum USD 1000.00 for go live as security deposit
Security Deposit for Trading:-
No security deposit for go Live
Daily Trade Lock or Force Out:-
USD 30 or as per requirement of the trader (Not more than USD 100.00)
Daily Trade Lock or Force Out:-
USD 30.00 (will increase according to profitability & performance)
Monthly pay-out:-
Up to 60% of the profit (40% upfront & 20% add in back-up )
Monthly pay-out:-
Up to 70% of the profit (40% upfront & 30% add in back-up )
Minimum Pay-out:-
USD 300.00
Minimum Pay-out:-
USD 200.00
Maximum Pay-out:-
No Limit
Maximum Pay-out:-
No Limit
System Requirement:-
Normal i3/i5 with 4 GB RAM with good internet speed. The trade system will Login through Radmin.
System Requirement:-
No needs to manage any system
Mentorship Support:-
No Support
Mentorship Support:-
Will get mentor support

Any minimum or maximum profit withdrawal limits of the traders payouts?

Minimum:- USD 300.00
Maximum :- No limit

What is the process of selection at BearStreet?

The candidate who is looking to start their career as professional trader, he/she must have to understand about the toughness and time taking process and if the candidate is really passionate for success as a day trader then they can try with BearStreet but first they will have to submit the Check Eligibility Form Form and before submitting the form, the candidate will have to read the FAQ’s and also watch the you-tube channel of BearStreet as well. After submitting the form and 2 rounds of interview process the management will select the suitable and passionate candidates for BearStreet Trading Floor

How long would the training be at BearStreet?

It’s not fixed; it all depends upon the skill and experience of the candidates. Few candidates practice on simulator for only 15-20 working days and go live whereas some practice 8-10 months or more and lose the confidence about their success just because not able to create a winning trade strategy and they give-up.

What remuneration does BearStreet offer their Floor Trader?

BearStreet offers 70:30 profit sharing with their traders. It means 70% of the profit goes to the trader and 30% goes to company. 60% of the 70% profit will transfered to trader's bank account upfront month and 40% will held as backup of the trader. The trader gets more buying power and bigger trade lock on behalf of the backup. For Example:- If a trader made US$ 1000.00 in International market, as profit in the month of June. So trader profit part is US$ 700.00. The trader will get US$420 (60% of his profit) in second month (August 2017) and rest US$ 280 (40% of his profit) will held back as his backup account. for Indian markets BearStreet offers 60:40 profit sharing.

What are BearStreet's Goals and Expectations ?

Trading career is not for all and is not so easy. The passion and confidence of the candidate is the primary eligibility to enter in such a career opportunity. We understand if anybody undergoes proper mentorship and practice, trading becomes relatively easier. At the end of the day everyone is working for their financial security and mental satisfaction. If the candidate is really passionate then he/she will fight till he or she achieves their goal. Traders success is the success of BearStreet and we facilitate for such trading results and expect the same from traders.

What is the Income Tax applicable to the trader?

Income Tax as applicable for Indivudual.

What is the use of backup fund for trader at BearStreet?

When traders join the Floor as fresher proprietary trader, the management allocates normal buying power US$ 25K-50K And daily trade lock will be US$ 30.00. Till the trader is unable to make profit, all the risk goes to the company. But when the traders start to make money, he needs more buying power and bigger trade lock. So if the traders will have backup, the management will increase the Buying Power and trade lock according to the trader’s strategies & their requirements.

The traders profit always goes to his backup?

No, once the backup amount becomes US$ 25000.00 the company starts to release the backup money to traders every month as it was collected. Will the trader get his backup deposit after quitting the company? Yes, he will get his backup deposit due to him after 1 year from the last working day with the BearStreet without any interest.

How much commission is charged by BearStreet?

BearStreet doesn’t charge any commission for first three months. After that commission will be charged according to the trader trading style.

Is there any monthly trading software fee charged by BearStreet?

BearStreet doesn’t charge any trading software fee for first three month. After three months the traders will have to pay the software fee.

What is the training process at BearStreet Trading Floor ?

Subjective training - After selection at BearStreet trading floor, the trainees will be educated about subjective knowledge of US/EU equity trading & exchanges, number of exchanges where the trader can select the stocks & put their orders, trading conditions of exchanges, trading fees of exchanges for trading, order types etc.
Software training - How to operate the software, How to create the hot keys for trading, different hot keys for different ECN & orders, understanding of level-2 data, use & understanding of Time of Sales data etc.
Start Trading in simulation - In simulation account, the trainees trade with virtual money but the data is real time. If the trainee is serious, they get to feel the real trading with simulation for understanding of market, stocks behavior and price action. They get used to trading with software & real time data etc. No trainer or floor manager will assist the trainee about any profit making strategies. Keep in mind, every trader have their own skills and talent, so every trainee has to decide their own strategy and trading style as per their capability, skill & understanding. At BearStreet floor, every trainee goes through the predefined "Multi Level Trading Plan" to check the understanding, capability & growth of the trainees. Through this process, the trainees understand about the value of emotion control and discipline. After successful achievement of certain levels, the trainees switch over to live trading i.e. company funds backed account.
Live Trading:- Once trader goes to live trading & if he was serious at the time of simulation trading, he will start to make profit within 2 to 3 weeks. If any trader is not be able to make profit consistently or breaching rules of trading floor, they will be shifted to TMS again.

What types of expenditures are involved in training with every trainee at BearStreet Trading Floor?

Cost Borne by BearStreet for trainees:- Infrastructure, connectivity, training, live charting software, software and live data of all exchanges, unlimited tea & coffee which used by the trainees:- Approx. US$200.00 per month for each trainee.

Why BearStreet wants earnest money (100% refundable) from trainees?

Most of the candidates are not able to differentiate between charm & passion. Due to their qualification and theoretical knowledge they are able to impress the interviewer & get selected at BearStreet floor. After joining of few weeks, due to the toughness of the process, all charm & passion is lost and the candidates forget about the vision and opportunity and they give-up. It’s a waste of precious time and money of the company, who started to invest on the candidate from the very first day with the hope, the candidate will start live trading soon and will be profitable for company and himself/herself too. In starting weeks negativity in mind & frustration is the part of this process. If candidates are bound with something which they love and they will able to continue with their goal & their vision will not be destroyed with toughness of trading activity or frustration. We at BEARSTREET hope the candidate will be successful and earn back the 100% refundable money which they have deposited with BearStreet along with their first pay-out. – “VICTORY IS BEYOND FEAR”

Can profitable traders in Indian market join BearStreet without deposit?

Yes. Indian candidates who are already working as trader and trading in any market with profitable track record of trading, have to follow the same procedure which is followed by an intern at BearStreet. He/she has to deposit a fixed amount and get back his/her deposited amount with their first pay-out. If the candidate is really a profitable trader, he/she will go live in very short duration (may be few trading days or weeks) & close the month in profit and get back their deposited money with their first pay-out.

A fresher who passionate for stock market and professional trader career can join BearStreet without deposit?

The candidate can deposit the smallest amount which is mentioned in the Check Eligibility Form because the candidate has no other option to prove his/her passion about stock market trading career. Making profit from trading with concept of “Trading For Living” is tough task and it can be done through practice under a right mentor. BearStreet offers the best practice tools, best environment, good mentorship & Buying Power for trading as well. If a candidate is unable to understand the opportunity which is being offered by BearStreet, then the candidate has to check their passion about choosing trading as a career option.

What are Market Trading hours at BearStreet?

India : 9 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.
Europe : 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. IST
US : 8 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. IST (Winters)
        7 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. IST (Summers)