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Candidates who are doing trading on TMS and want to go live in next few weeks, share their trading plan with Floor Manager:-

  •   Share the symbol list which they trade. Explain with their past trading performance (ADV- Average Daily Volume, ADM- Average Daily Move, Stock Price), why they have chosen the stocks .
  •  Apart from the above selected stocks, they can add maximum 5 new symbols in a month .
  •  Define their size of trade (start with 10 and reach up to 100/200 If profitable in day) .
  •  Define their risk & reward ratio (1:1/1:1.5/1:2/1:3/1:4/1:5/……………………….) .
  •  Define their average profit target per trade .
  •  Define their maximum loss in one trade .
  •  Define the daily trade lock and maximum limit of loss in one month .
  •  Define the minimum profit target for the coming month. (As per monthly profit target define the daily minimum profit target as well to achieve the minimum monthly target) .

NOTE :- If the trader will hit the maximum loss limit, he will terminate from floor or will not go live in next 4 months .