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About BearStreet

BEARSTREET RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS PRIVATE LIMITED is a gateway to the international stock markets. As we know, US stock market (NYSE, NSDAQ, ARCA, BATS, BOSX, Etc.) is the biggest stock market, both by listings & volumes. It is not just biggest; it’s also the most diversified market. The largest and most innovative companies are listed at US exchanges..

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Start Your Own Stock Market Trading Floor

Prospective Person or company for this business: - The company or individual who is able to invest approx. Rs.40-50Lacsand able to wait for 1-2 years for any ROI (Return of Investments) It’s just idea start a trading floor for 50-60 traders. The A & B tier city is the best for this business and in coming years tier C city will also suitable for such business.

The process for the business:-Who are able to invest and understand the strength of this business model  can enter in this business with BearStreet.

Set-up Trading Floor:-Setup the trading floor and start to recruitfresher’s/ traders for the floor. BearStreet HR team will support in the recruitment process.

Training:-After recruitment the training will start and after 2-3 weeks training about basics of the US stock markets, NYSE/NASDAQ/ ARCA/EGEX etc. stock markets trading T&C and software operations the candidates will facilitate with TMS (Trainees management System) trading accounts. In this TMS the trader will facilitate with virtual money with live data feeds of whole US stock exchanges. During training the trainees will have to follow a     

Go Live:-After the training who will be able to full-fill the whole T&C of TMS and qualify for Live, the trainee will go live with live money with daily. For start live trading BearStreet will facilitate for the buying power for the trading. The size of buying power is does not matter. As soon as the traders will fine-tune in there trading and start making consistently profit will increase the BP for the trader.

Profit Split:-In such business model trader should always get the higher side of the profit. Normally 50-70% of the profit goes to trader. Rest will goes to floor managers/owners. BearStreet will take a small part of the floor managers profit.

If you interested in such business model and you able to think to invest such time and money, you can meet personally at Delhi office and understand the business prospects. Before think to start, you have to understand and keep in mind, it will take 12-16 months to get 10-15 good traders who able to make small profits. But once you able to get, the business will rock. 

Please find the you tube link and understand about the business:-

Apart from trading floor we are engage in few others education venture (,,, ).You can also join our others venture as franchise. Its support you to survive in initial stage of your business. 

If you have any other query, don’t hesitate to ask me.



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