Welcome Visitor! BearStreet is looking for the candidates who are passionate and confident about stock market trading and want to achieve career as a professional trader. BearStreet provides complete facilities which are required to be a successful day trader. So we are looking for the candidates who are hungry for success as professional day trader and never give up until goals are achieved.

So please go through the Options A & B and click any one "Suitability Check" that matches your personality.


I want a fixed salary job and I am looking for financial freedom as well.
Trading can earn easy money.
I am not comfortable to take calculated risks.
I have necessary skills to be a profitable trader. I have done trading in Indian market.
When I was doing trading in Indian market, due to small capital I was not profitable. So I am looking for trading opportunity where I can get bigger fund for trading.
I have never traded US market but I know when I will start trading, I will be profitable soon.
I am not comfortable to practice on simulator because I believe live market is real trading.
I am not interested to relocate to Delhi.


I am comfortable with variable income not necessary a salaried job.
I think trading is complicated and career as professional trader requires a learning curve.
I know without practice under a right mentor the professional trading career is tough.
I am looking for an organization where I can get opportunity to practice trading under the guidance of a mentor.
I can invest ample time and money in myself to go through the learning curve of trading (during US market hours). I know if I acquire better trading skills, I will achieve my goal of financial freedom.
I am ready to relocate to New Delhi or any other Trading Floor in India to undergo training and practice.