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Trading career is not for all and it is not so easy. The passion and confidence of the candidate is the primary eligibility to enter in such a career opportunity. We understand if anybody undergoes proper mentorship and practice, trading becomes relatively easier. At the end of the day everyone is working for their financial security and mental satisfaction. If the candidate is really passionate he will fight till he or she achieves their goal. Trader’s success is the success of BearStreet and for that we hold out all which ascertains the success of the trader at BearStreet Trading Floor.
Remember that trading is an interesting field. Most people who go for trading without initial hand holding and bare mentorship clampdown on their chances to make it profitable. Being a part of BearStreet you will be in good company as Floor Trader. Parents back their children for their passion for studies, Fine Arts, Sports or any kind of skill development. Here at BearStreet we back our candidates with world class infrastructure, tools and amenities which a trader requires for profitable trading. MOST IMPORTANT – IT IS ALL WITHOUT PAYING UPFRONT CHARGES.
BearStreet Trading Floor is open to all such candidates who are really passionate and confident to shape their career as professional traders.
The first step towards joining BearStreet is to read FAQ’s for better clarity about the opportunity with BearStreet. Subsequently, it is to understand your confidence & passion about a career as trader. If the candidates are able to relate their thoughts with FAQ’s, they can apply through the “Check Eligibility Form” in the hindsight.