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How We Work

We are only successful when you are successful because we only make money when you make money. At the same time fact is, we have to bear all the facilitation costs of the traders till they are not able to make themselves consistently profitable. During the initial stage of their learning curve, we have to bear the losses of the traders. But we never think that negatively just because it’s our passion and confidence about trading. We know the strength and potential of our training. We hope after passing the learning curve & practice in the right direction, soon the traders will make themselves profitable and off-course they will cover their past trading losses.

That's why we work hard to facilitate you with the best tools, knowledge & capital to develop your full potential and succeed in trading. At BearStreet Trading Floor, our main objective is to reach and find out passionate & confident candidates who want to shape a career as a trader in the stock market. We have the best source of knowledge and facilitate the best training with clear objects. If a suitable candidate will create a reach on the trading floor, it's very much sure, he or she will able to shape a career as a trader. We invest our own money for their grooming as a trader with the hope, in future, we will be able to recover all our investments and the candidate will work as an asset for BearStreet. The selection process and joining at BearStreet Trading Floor is very clear because we know the facts and reality about the stock market trading career. The FAQs and The Check Eligibility For are designed to make clarity and understanding about the candidates at the very first stage.