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Proprietary Day Trader

Remember that trading is an interesting field. Most people who go to live trading without initial hand holding and mentor often never make it profitable. Being a part of BearStreet you will be in good company as Floor Trader. Parents facilitate their children for their passion for studies, Fine Arts, Sports or any kind of skill development. Here at BearStreet we facilitate our candidates with world class infrastructure, tools and amenities which a trader requires for profitable trading. Most importantly it is all FREE.

After recruitment the training will start with 2-3 weeks of training about basics of US and EU Stock Markets. The candidates will be facilitated with TMS (Trainee Management System) trading accounts. In the initial stage, the training is done in a simulation account with real time data feed. BearStreet works jointly with candidates who are passionate about trading and helps them to sharpen their specific skills and strengths required to become successful professional trader. Trading at BearStreet is done through professional trading software and its per month cost is approximately $100-$150 or more. Here we would like to confirm that BearStreet is doing huge expenses in providing these tools for candidates training without charging them a single Rupee. It’s a great opportunity because if the candidate gets the right opportunity at the right time at BearStreet to put his specific skills and strengths, we hope they will become successful professional traders.

After the training, those who are able to fulfill all Terms and Conditions of BearStreet will qualify for trading with real funds. BearStreet will facilitate with Buying Power. Size of the Buying Power does not matter. As soon as the traders deliver consistent profits, BearStreet will increase their Buying Power. BearStreet will manage the back end process.

If you are interested in becoming Proprietory Day Trade with BearStreet do get in touch with us. Please fill the adjoining Check Eligibility Form and we'll get in touch with you soon.