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It is better to study Stock Market Trading under the supervision of professionals instead of learning on your own.

BearStreet offers smart and systematic process to groom candidates as professional traders, not "diet pill". The candidates who are looking at professional trading just as an alternative way of making easy money are speeding in the wrong direction. Everyone has their own mindset, aptitude, strength and weakness. At BearStreet Trading Floor, the mentor gauges these attributes from the candidates Trading Report. Then he suggests right steps needed to be taken by them. If the candidate is trading in the right direction, we at BearStreet just let them do their own way.

Learning curve for professional trading career requires a serious approach, strength and labor. And Stock Market Trading is not a game. This is a business, and a business in which billions revolve. To become a good specialist in any business, you need to spend about 10,000 hours on training and improvising skills. Our approach will reduce this time to 5,000 hours. But the last word is still yours.

Trading career is not for all and not so easy. The passion and confidence of the candidate is the primary eligibility to enter in such a career opportunity. We understand if anybody undergoes proper mentorship and practice opportunity, trading becomes easy for the candidate. End of the day everyone is working for their financial security and mental satisfaction. If the trader is really passionate he will fight till he achieves his goal. Trader’s success is the success of BearStreet and we facilitate for such trading results and expect the same from traders.