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Trading career is not for all and is not so easy. The passion and confidence of the candidate is the primary eligibility to enter in such a career opportunity. We understand if anybody undergoes proper mentorship and practice, trading becomes relatively easier. At the end of the day everyone is working for their financial security and mental satisfaction. If the candidate is really passionate he will fight till he or she achieves their goal. Traders success is the success of BearStreet and we facilitate for such trading results and expect the same from traders.

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Bearstreet is constantly supporting young and ambitious minds in their way to success.
Our professional education based on years of experience will help bright individuals learn fast and adapt to the constantly changing market conditions.

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Following your career at BearStreet will leverage your trading results. Get better every day and explore market opportunities with professionals like you. Personal approach to every trader and dynamic problem solving from our management, will help you achieve new highs in your PNL.