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Advantages and Drawbacks of Online Trading

Right now online trading has become quite popular across the globe. According to some recent reports, online trading service is implemented by in excess of 15 million households in the USA. In spite of this, there is always some risk when it comes to online trading. In this blog, we have mentioned some benefits and drawbacks of online trading which you ought to be aware of.

The benefits

1. No need for middlemen

It will be feasible to execute transactions in online trading sans the involvement of any direct broker. You will not be able to make any trade without calling or meeting the broker while you are trading physical shares. On the other hand, there is no need to rely on any broker in online trading for executing trading transactions.

2. Minimizes expenses

It will be a good idea to learn trading online in Kolkata or any other part of India for various reasons. One of these is that the expenses will be reduced significantly since no broker will be used for conducting the trades. However, the cost is going to be much less even if an online trading fee is charged by certain sites out there.

3. Enhanced control

Online trading portals are extremely speedy which is quite advantageous to lots of investors. It will be feasible for you to execute a trade almost instantly with Internet trading. On the other hand, conventional brick-and-mortar brokers may need online appointments or appointments over the phone for initiating a trade.

4. Monitoring real-time

It will be possible for you to purchase or sell shares at your convenience in online trading. Apart from providing sophisticated interfaces, it likewise enables the investors to observe the manner in which their cash is performing during the day. Your computer or your smartphone can be used by you for assessing your profit or loss.

The drawbacks

1. Lack of any personal connection with the brokers

In case you learn professional trading in Kolkata, one cannot guarantee that you will always have positive experiences. There are some drawbacks to online trading as well. One of them will be the fact that you cannot establish any personal connection with the brokers. From comprehending how the market will be affected by the outcomes of feedback mechanisms to obtaining assistance on creating a successful investment strategy, online traders will be left to their personal devices. This type of independence can prove to be quite upsetting for some traders in the long run.

2. Excessive dependence on the Internet

While performing online trading, you have to rely on your Internet connection to a great extent. You will be losing out on a profitable trade in case your Internet connection happens to be sluggish.

3. Might become addicted

It is a fact that just like gambling online trading can become quite addictive in the long run. Some traders might be going for short-term trading techniques involving investing their cash on risky stocks which can prove to be detrimental eventually.


We like to conclude this blog by stating that BearStreet happens to be a fantastic platform for establishing a trading profession in the international market for the beginner as well as experienced online traders. This company can boast of having top-notch instructors who will guide you to attain your objective.