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Welcome to the live trading platform in Kolkata

Live trading platforms define short-term trading. The type of trading where real-time charts and quick execution processes are involved. Forex live trading support this type of trading activity. In a live trading platform, the utilization of real money is also involved. The same process of selling and buying a stock takes place. The only difference lies in you can trade yourself. In another type of trading platform, you can hire a broker too. The US Market Live Trading in Kolkata which runs globally has certain benefits have a look below.

What are the benefits?

There are certain benefits of global market trading surrounded by live results.

No restriction

In the stock market, the restriction on trading is high as compared to the foreign exchange market. The selling and buying of currencies depend upon short-term production and change in value. Due to the high liquidity market, no intervention of brokers takes place.

Self controller

Although the participant of the forex market is large. Hence some of the external factors related to the economy can control the price of your own. You can be the self controller and no intervention of middlemen exist in this market. You can sell or buy and connect through people.

Low transaction charges

The Global Market Trading in Kolkata where online forex trading transaction charges is low. The spread is noticed in points or percentages. The main difference lies in bid or price. A small amount of investment will make your day fruitful.


The use of technology and plenty of software surrounds the forex exchange market. The real-time market where technology is giving all the facilities of trading. Other than technology no other world can eliminate or take place in the case of forex exchange trading. The only live trading platform in Kolkata that works globally.


The economic stability, natural calamities, and trading deals with long-lasting force. The sensitive part of the market is known as volatility. To determine the profit the market has to suffer from significant losses too. Since the rate of volatility cannot be eliminated so the strategies to deal with it should be decided.


The live trading market where small investment will give you a higher position. Suppose the leverage ratio is 1:20 which means you will get 20 times higher as invested. In short and precise we can say the live trading platform deals with the leverage ratio.

Bottom line

Take part in a live trading platform with little investment and notice the result accordingly. No better platform you will get to make a profit in this pandemic era. Get it right now or else you have to regret it later.

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